Exclusively for Washington Township

For businesses to post coupons online.

It's a FREE service offered by Colortec Printing and Mailing.
Designed for Washington Twownship businesses.
But others interested in the township are WELCOME!
Qpons is totally FREE!
Your listing is FREE.
Posting Coupons is FREE Too!

No contract - No Minimum
Total Flexibility
You can have up to 8 active, so,...
Start creating coupons NOW!

Here's How to Get Started
First, look to see if your business is already listed.... On the home page enter a few letters from your business name and search.

If you find your listing, just select it... on the next page select the blue "admin" button. Then you can change your password to secure the listing for yourself. Update all the information too. Select the big red button "Add/Revise Qpons" to start creating and posting coupons.

If you don't find your listing,... no problem, go back to the home page and select "Add Business"
NOTE - Please claim you listing and create coupons now!
Township Qpons is new and will take a little time to get popular. We need coupons on the site before advertising Qpons to consumers in Washington Township.

Until word spreads about Qpons, you can't expect to see much activity. PLEASE be patient - we expect great things with Qpons in Washington Township.
How it works
It's FREE to claim your listing! You claim it by changing the password to you account. Even if not posting coupons at this time, at least add your phone number and website so consumers can find you.

AND it's FREE to post coupons!

Consumers can easily download your coupons to a smartphone or print them out and either show you the coupon on their phone or on paper.

Downloaded coupons expire at the end of the month in which they were downloaded.

It's so easy to create coupons, edit them, remove them or preview them. If you think you should change, remove or add a coupon at anytime,... no problem! Log in and make your changes at any time.
Try it, see how easy it is!

AND we've built-in some tools to keep you informed.

1. You can email yourself a complete summary of your active coupons.

2. You can print out a single page summary of your active coupons. Get it, print it, hang it up for reference.

3. At the begining of each new month, you will automatically be emailed a summary of your active coupons, including the number of times your coupons were downloaded the previous month.

TIP - Remember to add townshipQpons. com as a shortcut on your home screen or desktop!